Problem Possible Cause Check / Remedy
Green water/cloudy water Inadequate sanitiser levels. Algae may be present Shock dose the water with Spa Fusion or use a double dose of Spa Stabilised Chlorine Granules or Spa Bromine Granules or consider if time to drain/re-fill
Too much chlorine Overdose Allow time to naturally dissipate or purchase a chlorine reducer
pH level hard to control Total Alkalinity low Apply Spa TA Plus to raise total alkalinity level
Cannot maintain chlorine levels Chlorine demand of water too high at start up, after holidays or due to excess contamination or neglect Shock dose the spa water with Spa Fusion or use a double dose of Spa Chlorine Granules or Spa Bromine Granules. Repeat after 24 hours if necessary.
Foaming water Oils/detergents present Use Spa FoamAway
Cloudy water Poor chemical control or inadequate filtration Clean filter cartridges or consider if time to drain and refill. Retest water and add chemicals if necessary.
Rough spa surfaces Scale formation Ensure pH and total alkalinity levels are correct and if necessary use Spa ScaleAway to stop scale build up.
No colour change on test strip colour pads High chlorine levels may be bleaching indicator pads (over 15 ppm chlorine) Check expiry date on test strips. Wait for chlorine level to drop and re-test
Test results vary Air bubbles can increase pH temporarily and reduce total alkalinity over time Test when circulation pump running (not jets) for true results.